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What is the function and working principle of the shot blasting machine


What are the functions of the shot blasting machine?

1. Remove the rust layer, oxide scale and welding slag on the surface of the metal workpiece. The surface of the metal workpiece is clean after being cleaned by the shot blasting machine, and the rust removal level reaches Sa2.5, showing the original luster of the metal. 

2. Increase the surface roughness of the workpiece, which is conducive to the subsequent spray adhesion. 

3. Eliminate the internal stress of the workpiece, strengthen the workpiece and increase its service life. 

4. For the cleaning of litchi noodles and burnt noodles in the stone industry.

5. For the surface cleaning and repair of concrete, asphalt, and airport runways in the pavement engineering industry.

The working principle of shot blasting machine.

1. First, we introduce the shot blasting machine, the core component of the shot blasting machine. The shot blasting machine is composed of impeller, blade, directional sleeve, sub-blasting wheel, guard plate, main shaft and other components. The steel shot flows into the blasting wheel, and the blasting wheel rotating with the main shaft rotates around the steel shot. Under the action of centrifugal force, the steel shot is pressed to the inner side of the directional sleeve. Then through the opening of the directional sleeve, it is thrown out by the blade in the form of a fan, and finally hits on the user's workpiece to form a shot blasting process. 

2. Next, let's introduce the circulation system of steel shot. The steel shots projected on the user's workpiece will be scattered to the bottom of the equipment. The bottom of the equipment belongs to the screw conveying system. The bottom screw conveys the steel shots to the lifting bucket, and then the lifting bucket is lifted to the top of the separator. The function of the separator is to separate steel shots from dust and impurities. Good steel shots will enter the shot blaster to continue recycling, and the dust will be separated and sucked into the dust collector for purification treatment, and the pellets impurities are filtered out by the filter screen. NS. The above content is a general overview of the circulatory system of the equipment. 

3. Finally, we introduce other systems. For example, the electric control cabinet is the control system of the main operator, and the guard plates are made of high wear-resistant materials. Then there is the form of input and output of the equipment, this user knows less about it. Mainly in the selection of equipment, such as small hardware parts using crawler-type shot blasting machines, using manual loading and unloading or automatic loading and unloading. The hook shot blasting machine uses hooks to enter and exit the workpiece, the through shot blasting machine uses the roller conveyor to enter and exit the workpiece, and the mobile shot blasting machine is a device that can move on the surface of the user's workpiece. Therefore, the user must choose the right equipment in the selection, and the equipment that is suitable for the work piece cannot be bought too large or too small, the size is appropriate, and the equipment is economical and convenient.