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Main points of maintenance of shot blasting machine

(1) Orientation angle adjustment of the directional sleeve: After feeding, the prepared casting is shot blasted. According to the surface of the casting, slightly adjust the direction of the directional sleeve of the shot blasting device, and adjust it so that all surfaces of the casting can be processed. . After determining the best direction through trial production, mark it with a marker.
(2) The adjustment of the pellet separator: first check whether the adjustable gate movement is flexible, and then load and debug to make the pellets flow into the separator continuously, and check whether the pellets fall in the form of a flow curtain when the chute is discharged, if not Then adjust the gate repeatedly until the pellets fall in a stream-like shape.
(3) The wear-resistant liner of the shot blasting chamber and the blades of the polishing head are very easy to wear and should be checked and replaced regularly.
(4) The blasting wheel should be replaced in time if it is worn more than 15 mm. If it continues to be used, the radial scattering angle of the projectile will increase, which will accelerate the wear of the guard plate and reduce the cleaning effect.

(5) There is a deep groove inside the directional sleeve or the directional opening of the directional sleeve is worn away by about 10 mm and should be replaced.