Shot Blast Machine Manufacturers

Used widely in lots of industries, like casts, pressing parts, welding parts etc. And any workpieces that hooking easily all are fit for the hook type shot blast machine. No tanglesome wires and looks very neat. Fit for workpiece that large size and big weight, one piece at a time. Popular blaster, it has widely used in many countries. It's very economical and practical. Shot Blast Machine includes Automatic Loading&unloading Hook Type Shot Blast Machine, Upgraded Hanger Type Shot Blast Machine, Big Hook Type Shot Blast Machine, Rubber Belt Tumble Type Shot Blast Machine, Steel Belt Tumble Type Shot Blasting, etc.
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Our Shot Blast Machine are made in China, Qingdao Gendger Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of Shot Blast Machine manufacturers and suppliers in China. If you want to buy and customized our products, welcome to contact us. Over the years, our Shot Blast Machine have been sold all over the world and won unanimous praise from customers.